Story of Naresh Kumar- He suffered from 90% disability but that didn’t stop him from winning in Life

Naresh Kumar Sharma was bedridden not because he met with an accident but he was born in impairment. He wasn’t someone who went into a shell, usually cursing his fate. But instead, he converted his pain into motivation and then went on to make the entire nation proud by representing India in shooting.

Yes, this is called success and his story is one that needs to be told to inspire everyone. Naresh Kumar Sharma braved physical disabilities and managed to find a way to come out on top with grit, determination.

With ‘Never Give Up’ mantra, he is continuing to inspire the youths of the nation. He has also carved out a reputation for himself as one of the extraordinary athletes in India. Naresh’s way of living was not that easy. He struggled with 90% disability. He couldn’t walk like every other normal person but he never let his disability to get the better of him.

He developed a penchant for shooting in 1994. He took up the sport with interest and also to prove a point to himself and others who thought he and other athletes with impairment were not physically able to dream to achieve in sports. Once the decision was taken, there was no looking back since then.

Slowly, shooting turned out to be love. He went on to represent India at the Paralympic Games in 1996 and in following year of 1997, he received the coveted Arjuna Award for his achievements and years of complete dedication in rifle shooting.

Naresh Kumar Sharma has since featured for India at five Paralympic Games. The latest of which came in Rio in the year 2016. In 2008 edition, he came close to a medal finish but fell short by a whisker.

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