Thief boards Train to escape Police, Police take flight and catch thief at Railway Station

We have come across stories of police catching a thief in different techniques. But this time, the drama unfolded to a whole new level, with the cops taking a flight to nab the thief. Yes, you read it right! The thief boarded the train to escape the police and the latter boarded the flight only to catch the thief at the Ajmer railway station. How cool isn’t it?

Well what happened? A 22-year-old Bengaluru man had boarded a train to his hometown Ajmer after allegedly stealing expensive valuables (gold jewellery) from his employer’s place. Just as when he had thought that his life is going to be really good, little did he know that Bengaluru Police would welcome him at the train station in Ajmer.

As per the reports, Singh boarded a train which, took nearly 3 days to arrive in Rajasthan. The cops made a smart move by taking a flight and landing before Singh. It has been learnt that Singh started working at businessmen Mehak V Piragal’s home on the day of Diwali after being recommended by a family friend.

It was on the same evening, the family of Piragal asked Kushal to protect their house as they left for puja at their garment shop in Chickpet. When the family had returned at around 9 pm, they found their house totally ransacked with some gold ornaments and other valuables missing from a wardrobe. Shockingly, Singh too was missing.

So, Piragal immediately alerted the cops, who quickly sprung into action only to catch the culprit. Upon investigation, police learnt that Singh was travelling to Ajmer and had boarded a train.

To track him down, the cops had booked a flight and headed for Singh’s hometown straight away. Just 3 days after Singh had boarded the train, he was taken into custody at Ajmer railway station and then flown back to Bangalore.

The cops made sure that Singh had no time to trade the gold ornaments he had stolen from Piragal’s residence.

“This was Kushal’s first visit to Bengaluru and he doesn’t have any criminal record. He wanted to make a quick buck and lead a happy life, but chose the wrong path,” said a police officer.

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