Indian-origin doctor performs world’s first brain surgery, millions watched it live on Facebook

Doctors are considered next to god in India and people strongly believe in that. Have you ever come across a doctor performing a surgery who is 32 km away from the operation theatre? How is that even possible for a doctor who deftly pulled off operation when he is not in the first place?

Have you ever seen a live brain surgery online? Doctors in a Texas hospital have live-streamed a brain surgery for the very first time on social media platform Facebook.

The patient identified as 25-year-old Jenna Schardt who was experiencing neurological problems where she was losing her ability to speak properly. After doctors scanned her brain, they learnt that a mass of blood vessels was actually found in her brain which was responsible for this problem.

Credits: IT

The medical procedure was performed at Methodist Dallas medical centre in Texas where it went on for about 45 minutes. During the whole time, Jenna was awake, as is the case with many brain surgeries. This was conducted to test the brain function in the area surrounding the lesion they were trying to take out without causing no harm to crucial cognitive functions.

It should be noted that even a millimetre error could result in Jenna completely losing her speech abilities. To keep her active during the procedure, she was being shown a screen by medical technicians regarding flashed numbers, colours and animals.

Jenna spoke throughout the process, smiling and helping doctors assess the status of body functions.

The procedure was chaired by Chief of Neurosurgery, who shared his experience during the Facebook Live. He said in a statement, “We struggled with the idea of doing a Facebook Live brain surgery, but because Jenna was so forthcoming and she wanted to show the rest of the community if you have this problem you can fix it, she was a role model for us and we supported her because of that.”

The live streaming video touched 50,000 views and received countless comments from Facebook users. The video never truly exposed the whole thing due to Facebook’s policies, but instead, it displayed Schardt’s head surrounded by blue fabric with doctors operating behind it.

The doctors ended the video stating that the medical procedure was ‘close to perfection’ as they were fixing the skull back. Schardt is now recovering in the hospital and will be discharged in a couple of days.

It is always proud to see Indian doctors are trampling records in today’s world.