Slovakia totally refuses Islam and won’t let people build even a single mosque

Religion conveys the principles of ‘faith’ and sometimes, the faith may change based on the circumstances. We’ve seen quite a lot of people renouncing their religious teachings only to convert to some other religions, a change that has been happening since the olden days. Only you can change what you believe in and others shouldn’t inspire you to do so.

Meanwhile, the terror-free Slovakia has totally refused Islam and won’t allow even a single mosque in the nation.

The country does not identify Islam as a religion and they only have a few thousand Muslim residents. According to Slovakia, Islam must not be taught anywhere- schools and the 5,000 Muslims, especially European ones because they think it is no good.

In the year of 2007, politicians had changed the nation’s laws, rules and regulations so much so that 20,000 signatures from members were required to be recognised by the state. In 2017, they were more than doubled the number of required signatures.

Not being officially identified poses a serious threat and major difficulties for the group. In addition to that, they are also not allowed to have official religious leaders, Muslim marriages or receive financial contributions from the State, fundamental rights which 18 other recognised religions have.

According to some of the nation’s top politicians, Islam, which is so-called the religion of peace is a serious threat.

“Islamisation begins with kebab and in Bratislava it has already begun. So understand what it could be like in 5-10 years,” MP Andrej Danko added in a statement.

“Every normal European, Christian or atheist fears this satanic pedophile creation of the devil,” adds another MP.

According to TRT, the situation was further complicated for the nation’s Muslims in link with the 2015 asylum wave. Slovakia used the absence of mosques as a ploy not to accept or welcome any migrants in their country.

The TV channel claimed that Slovakia breaches EU rights laws by not letting to build mosques.