IIT Brains invented earphone that can filter out unnecessary noises, let’s praise them

India is the land which gave birth to many brilliant brains, who served not just India but the whole human race across the globe. Without a shadow of a doubt, India needs such young brains, who are potentially strong enough to cruise the young generation to the future.

Once Albert Einstein said that everyone should feel indebted to the Indians for they taught us counting beyond 9, as India discovered 0 (zero). In fact, even computers run on binary numbers- 0 and 1. Needless to say, the world wouldn’t have computers or smartphones, had zero not be dugout.

Credits: Ericsson

Case in point, there is no hiding from the fact that IITians are doing everything to bring a change to society. Their ability to think out of the box and to design something innovative sets them a class apart from most other students. They are nothing short of producing some brilliant inventions.

One of the most brilliant inventions that IIT students invented is ‘earphone’. Thanks to Parth Gaggar and Vijay Jain who are students of IIT-Roorkee

The ultimate purpose of the earphone is to keep the people from getting distracted from unwanted noises. To make it very clear, one can walk through a noisy place and discuss with your colleague regarding an important meeting with such ease.

These earphones can filter out all the unnecessary background noise and people can hear just what they want to. It gives you a crisp, clear, disturbance-free listening experience.

It is actually integrated with an application on your smartphone, on which you can pick the required sounds you want to hear, and adjust the volume accordingly. Sounds like a super-cool invention.

On the contrary, it can also be of great help to deaf people, who can use it in such a way that they can select what they want to hear.

For their brilliant invention, Gaggar and Jain won the Ericsson Innovation Awards. They will be supported by Ericsson India financially to the extent of INR 10 lakhs towards incubating the winning projects at any IIT approved technology business incubators.