IAS officer who left job, asks youngsters Not to quit job without buying a Washing Machine

First of all, getting a job in India is itself a big deal and getting a government job is indeed tougher than you actually imagine. UPSC exams are one of the toughest ones to crack and the deserved ones come through with flying colours.

But just imagine what if someone actually dream about quitting a government job? Usually, people dream to get a government job and here is someone named Kannan Gopinathan, who decided to quit the post of an IAS officer!

The moment he shared his experience and his quirky decision on Twitter, Kannan Gopinathan was probably was on the receiving end as he was attacked with questions like ‘Why?’, ‘Do you have another job in mind right now?’ or ‘Do you have enough savings?’. But little did he imagine that dirty laundry would be the biggest of his worries after quitting his post.

Kannan, recently, took to his Twitter platform to share real-life issues he has faced after quitting his job. He wrote that the only thing he regrets about quitting the job is that he has to do the laundry work all by himself.

He also has strong advice for the ones who are planning to leave their jobs and said that no one should quit a job without buying a washing machine.

“The only thing I regret about leaving the IAS. Washing clothes after every tour. To all those who are contemplating to quit. Do not quit before you purchase a washing machine. I repeat. Do not quit before you purchase a washing machine,” he wrote.

Kannan’s strange tweet with a piece of honest advice spread like wildfire on Twitter in no time. It received several hilarious reactions from the netizens.