Viral: Monkey refused to leave his kid friend, even many people tried to separate them

There is no hiding to the fact that monkeys are one of our closest cousins. They understand human’s feelings very well. In a recent incident which took everyone by surprise, a monkey developed a strong bond with a kid, showing the world what true friendship is about.

A video was posted on the Twitter platform, by @esskayem08, and moments after it was posted, the video started doing the rounds on social media. Well, it is probably one of the most heart-touching things one can see today on the internet.

As per the video, one can see a monkey holding on to a baby, sitting in the middle of a road in India. Then the monkey can be seen hugging the child, treating like his own child.

A woman tries to come between the two, and take the child away from the monkey but what happened next is something that you would surely want to know. The monkey can be seen deflecting her hand away from the child as the former is not interested to give the child to the woman now.

After the distraction, the monkey then holds on to the child conveying the message of ‘Nobody can separate us’

Seeing all this, the woman seems pretty much confused and was figuring out a way to separate the monkey and the child.