This man is turning single-use plastic into Public toilets, let’s praise him

Humans are incurring huge losses when it comes to discarding the usage of plastic. The plastic-ban campaigns are even failing miserably in our day-to-day lives. Though people encourage home gardens, eco-friendly bags and recyclable products, but as far as the plastic bottles are concerned, it still continues to be around us at large numbers.

It was high time that genius-minded man gave us a new idea to make use of the plastic bottles to better effect. ‘Ashwani, the founder of BasicShit came up with this brilliant idea of constructing toilets with the help of single-use plastic and to make the country open defecation free. Implementation of these toilets in public places would do a world of good.

Credits: efforts for good

Let’s take a moment to appreciate his ground-breaking idea which is going to change the lives of many.

Almost 5 years ago, Ashwani set up the organisation called ‘BasicShit’ in the hope of solving sanitation problems by creating innovative public urinals across cities and carried out projects for cleaning and greening urban areas through research-driven innovative solutions’, as per Efforts For Good.

He has also authored various research papers and case studies on how public urination affects public health in urban areas’.

BasicShit has come up with the idea of creating eco-friendly ’PeePee’ public toilets, which are made out of single-use plastic (daily usage)

As per Efforts for Good, each PeePee toilet uses about 9,000 single-use plastic bottles and these toilets do not really require water to clean and do not smell too.

Ashwini invested money to research and experiment with different kinds of urinal designs, across the country. Thankfully, he received some great assistance with the grant from Asian Development Bank.

To put things in perspective, as per the data from Swachh Survekshan 2019, Delhi has 3,000 public toilets for men and just 30 for women.