Meet Pedro, he planted a guitar-shaped forest in memory of his late wife

There is a saying that love never fades in life. Even if the person no longer exists, their fruitful memories would always be there.

A farmer by the name of Pedro Martin Ureta has planted a beautiful guitar-shaped forest and the reason behind that is heart-touching. He planted trees in the memory of his late wife. He was madly in love with Graciela Yraizoz.

Credits: Atlas Obscura

Graciela was only 17 years old when she stole the heart of Pedro, who was 28 years back then.

He knew all along that he would spend the rest of his whole life with his partner Graciela. Without wasting any time, Pedro expressed his wish to marry Graciela and the latter agreed to the former.

During their romantic flight trip to La Pampa, his wife saw a farm that looked a bit similar to a milking bucket and there she got an innovative idea of designing a farm in the shape of a musical instrument guitar, which she cherished.

As he was too busy with his own work and plans, Pedro back then took his wife’s earnest request for granted until it was a bit too late to even talk about her most beautiful idea. Shockingly, in 1977, Graciella experienced a ruptured cerebral aneurysm and died shortly after, while pregnant to their fifth child.

After his wife’s sudden death, Pedro kept talking about how badly he regretted not listening to Graciela’s request of a guitar-shaped forest. The heart-broken Pedro made up his mind to fulfil her late wife’s last wish.

At first, Pedro searched for landscapers but nobody was really bold enough to take on such an interesting idea. He took this matter upon himself and decided to do everything on his own. He initially took a guitar’s measurement and then studied its proportion to realize the project.

Thankfully, his four adorable kids helped in planting cypress and eucalyptus trees in the right places.

Pedro faced a terrible experience in maintaining the seedlings grow properly because hares and guinea pigs damaged the plantation which lost his focus and it also made him to give up. But true love got the better of the obstacles and he finally found a great idea to use metal scraps as ‘protective sleeves’ around the saplings.

Pedro started doing the work peacefully and even the seedlings grew in peace. So far, over 7000 cypress and eucalyptus trees, on the whole, formed the guitar-shaped forest. The guitar-shaped forest looks absolutely beautiful from the top.

However, Pedro fell in love with another woman ages after his beautiful wife Graciela passed away. In the 1990s, he reopened his heart for Maria de los Angeles Ponzi, who works as a pharmacy owner and he also had a kid.

Though both never got married, Maria thoroughly understands Pedro’s first love for his wife and she also thinks his tribute to wife on creating the guitar-shaped forest is beautiful.