School kids forced to eat ‘Turmeric rice’ for mid-day meal in Uttar Pradesh

There are some people in our country who can stoop to the lowest level to serve low quality food to the students in schools. Recently, a video surfaced online shows primary school children at Vichparia village in the state’s Sitapur district were seen eating turmeric-rice under the Mid-Day Meal scheme.

They were served rice and juice prepared with ‘turmeric’ when they were supposed to be served vegetables and rice according to the food menu.

After the video spread like wildfire on social media, District basic education department officials rushed to the school for ‘damage control’ and denied the charges. They also claimed that the students were served ‘rice and vegetables’ and the video was a plot to defame the reputation of the authorities.

The education department officials claimed that the video was captured after students were through their meal.

Officials also recorded the statements of the students from the school. Nonetheless, there has been no action in this matter yet.

In August, same controversy exploded when chapatis with salt were served to students of a government school as part of mid-day meal in Hinauta village of Mirzapur district in UP.

After the district authorities learned about the incident, they suspended a teacher of the school and launched a probe into the incident.

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