Woman blows smoke in her daughter’s face, netizens abuse her

A shocking incident of mother blowing smoke in her 1-month-old daughter’s face has gone viral on social media. The woman live-streamed herself on Facebook as she blew smoke in her daughter’s face, which is totally unacceptable by any means. She is arrested and put behind bars.

The wrongdoer identified as Tybresha Sexton was charged with child abuse after viewers alerted the police, who arrested her at her home on Sunday in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Credits: Facebook

However, the video of the incident has been taken off from Facebook, but a 43-sec clip from another user shows Tybresha Sexton lighting the cigarette near the infant’s head. Then Sexton finishes a bottle of Svedka Vodka with 1 hand while holding the child in the other hand.

Police also added that Sexton was also seen picking up the infant by 1 arm and then dropping her. Throughout the livestream, the viewers had urged her to stop, otherwise, the little baby would die and especially when she started shaking the child, the viewers pleaded with her to stop doing this stupid act.

Police said that Sexton told them that the reports were fake and allowed them to check the infant. But during the investigation, officers learnt that there was a heavy smell of alcohol on Sexton’s breath when they arrived at her home.

As per the police affidavit, Sexton screamed that she “didn’t want that fucking baby, anyway,” saying that she “already told them that”, according to an affidavit obtained by WTVC. Sexton has also been charged with ‘child abuse’ and ‘disorderly conduct’. Her daughter is now staying with Sexton’s mother.