Meet Motibar Rahman- a Muslim Man who is looking after Hindu Temple and taking care of it

Rahman is selflessly looking after Hindu temple and taking care of it. 73-year-old Muslim man believes that it’s a “religious” duty to protect and his faith teaches him to respect all places of worship. This indeed goes to show that love, compassion, humanity is beyond anything else in this world and it was proved by him.

Rahman like his forefathers sweeps the Burha Gosair Than shrine each morning and lights candles for Shiva.

Credits: AFP

“Before me, my father used to do this work and his father before him. Our family has been the keepers of this holy place for the past 500 years,” the 73-year old told news agency AFP.

“The first man in our family is Borhansa. Lord Shiva came to Borhansa and told him, ‘I want to live in this place. From now on it will be the responsibility of your family to keep this place. I shall accept service from your family only and no one else’,” Rahman explained.

Interestingly, apart from the Hindus, scores of Muslims too come to this temple and offer prayers. According to people (Hindus and Muslims), prayers are often fulfilled.

“Apart from the Hindus, lots of Muslim people also come here and offer prayers. People including the Hindus and Muslims say that their prayers are often fulfilled,” he said.

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This is not the first time that a Muslim man has been looking after the Hindu temple. A 60-yr-old Muslim man takes care of 500-yr-old Shiva Temple, he has full faith in Shiva

A 500-year-old Shiva temple is a centre of attraction at the Rangamahal village in Guwahati, Assam. The temple is popular to the people of the state. It attracts tourists from all across the nation and not many know that it is a Muslim family that has been taking care for generations now.

Yes, you read it right! Both Muslims and the Hindus of Rangmahal village have a strong belief in the deity and they daily visit the religious shrine to offer prayers, reported ANI.

“I call him Nana (maternal grandfather). It’s a 500-year-old temple, our family looks after the temple. People from both the religions – Hindu and Muslim-come here to offer prayers,” Matibar Rehman, caretaker of the Shiva temple told the news agency.

He further added that Muslims do ‘dua’, while Hindus do ‘puja’ here. Everyone’s wishes are fulfilled here,” Rehman added.

Rehman offers ‘dua’ in the ‘Shivalaya’ and his family has been taking care of the temple for more than 4 decades now. As per the statements by locals, the temple is deemed as the perfect example of Hindu-Muslim unity in Assam.

Needless to say, this is not the first time that a family has been praised for taking care of a temple not belonging to their religion.

St. Matthew’s Church located in the Hazada District town of Nathia Galiyat has turned into a symbol of ‘communal harmony’ in Pakistan.

Waheed Murad and his family members have been taking care of the church for over 100 years now. Interestingly, the custodianship of the property has been passed on for three generations.