Hijab-Clad woman accuses Indian man on London bus during Vile Racist attack

Racist rants have become quite common especially in public transport across London and the exchange of cuss words between people seem to get worse by the day.

Very recently, a woman in a hijab launched a scathing attack on the Indian man on the 195 bus from Romney Road in Brentford. A video of the ‘abusive ran’ is doing the rounds on social media with many criticising the woman’s attitude.

The woman added fuel to the fire after her mother argued with the bus driver over overcrowding in the bus.

When the Indian man just came to the bus driver’s defence, the woman hurled abuses.

The user who posted the footage on Twitter platform said, an ‘Indian’ male passenger in his 20s became angry with the disruption caused to the bus journey, reported The Sun.

When the Indian tried to intervene in the scene, the woman in the headscarf threatened to him and then screamed: “You smell of curry.”

As you can see in the video, terrified passengers including children look on as the woman launched her rant while her mother is seen protecting her daughter as she screams ‘No let me hit.’

The man can be heard provoking her, telling her that the bus passengers agree with him: ‘Oh everyone’s on my side.’