To save water, Hostel forces 150 girls to get a haircut in Telangana

As India is facing an acute water crisis this year, citizens across the nation are trying to save the water in the best possible way. However, in a strange incident, a school in Telangana had a different idea to save water.

Medak’s Tribal Girls Gurukul School forced as many as 150 girls to get their hair cut in an attempt to save water in the hostel. The girls also alleged that the school principal forcibly got their hair cut and the girls were not at all happy with what they have gone through.

It has been learnt that the school principal K Aruna allegedly called 2 barbers to the hostel after which she forced all the girl students to pay Rs 25 each, as reported by The New Indian Express.

After this incident, the parents of the unhappy students staged a protest against the government-run institution and also school principle K Aruna for forcing their kids to get a haircut citing water crisis to wash hair.

However, the school principal accepted the charges concerning the water shortage and then informed that the girls at school were suffering from lice infection and other dermatological diseases. The principal also added that the move was taken considering the hygiene issues of the girls.

The principal went on to claim that the consent of students was taken into the discussion before the decision was actually taken. She then added that the water shortage was one of the main reasons.

An inquiry has also been initiated by the district administration and the welfare department against the principle of Tribal Girls Gurukul School.