Hima Das on fire as she wins one more Gold in Czech Republic

No matter how many competitions come, Hima Das keeps putting on a show and makes India proud by winning medals. ‘Eat, Sleep, Win Gold medals for India’ and that’s Hima Das’ motto.

She hit the headlines once again as she finished on the top in 300 m to win a Gold medal in the Athleticky Mitink Reiter 2019 today in the Czech Republic. This is her sixth gold since July 2, which goes to show how Hima Das has come a long way to make a bold statement.

It has been quite a memorable past month and a half for Hima Das. She is now showing calmness and composure when at the age of 19. She is writing new success stories for herself by taking her energy to the next step in intensity.

However, her current focus will now move to World Championships next month, and she will be looking forward to showcasing her mettle.

Her last win came on July 20 when she bagged a gold in her pet 400m event at Nove Mesto in Czech Republic.

Her staggering gold-winning spree started back in July. It is a long and historic stretch that will forever be remembered in the hearts of the Indians.

After dominating 200m – Poznan Athletics Grand Prix, in Poland clocking 23.65 seconds on her way to gold, she won one more in 200m – Kutno Athletics Meet, also in Poland on July 7 with a time of 23.97 seconds.

The third gold medal followed in 200m – Kladno Athletics Meet, in the Czech Republic on July 13 at 23.43 seconds. The fourth one came in the 200m – Tabor Athletics Meet, once again in the same place as she clocked 42.09 seconds.

After winning 4 gold medals in 15 days, the 19-year-old sprinter steered India to glory once again by bagging the number 5, in 400m – Nove Mesto nad Metuji Grand Prix.

Let’s hope that she continues to achieve more success in the times to come. The Youth wishes Hima Das good luck for her future endeavours.