36 Bills passed in 281 hours, testifies that Modi govt works 24×7 to make our future better

In its first session after the 2019 general elections, the Parliament passed not only landmark bills like scrapping Article 370, Triple Talaq Bill, but also scripted history for maximum Bills passed in the last 67 years.

Lok Sabha passed as many as 36 Bills and out of which, in 7 cases, there was recorded voting (21%) at some point during the discussion. This is even higher than the 16th Lok Sabha, in which, recorded voting was called for 8% of the Bills.

As per the News18 report, the newly-elected Modi government was at the helm, Lok Sabha worked for around 281 hours, which is 135% of the scheduled hours. It is in fact, higher than any other session in the past 2 decades. The session was extended by the Centre in a bid to finish legislative business.

38 Bills were introduced in the Parliament during the session and out of that, 28 were passed by both Houses, which is the highest for any session in the last decade. It should be noted that none of the bills which were introduced in this season were cited to any committee.

94% first-term MPs and 96% women MPs took part in a debate during the session.