WATCH: Man saves college girl’s life as she tried to commit suicide

There is a very common perception in our country that students commit suicide due to increasing pressure in studies. Though there have been several attempts to reduce the pressures of education, students are still taking the extreme step to end their lives.

In a heart-stopping incident, one such suicidal attempt was made by a college girl and thankfully, her life was saved by a man who came at the right place and at the right time to give new life to the girl. The video is doing the rounds on social media.

As soon as the man learnt that the girl was trying to take such an extreme step, he risked his life and saved the girl.

The video clip is apparently from a college in Greater Noida, UP. The brave man can be seen putting his own life in complete risk in order to save the girl from jumping to her death.

The moment when the girl jumped, the man managed to hold her so tight only to stop her from falling.

In the video, scores of people can be seen on the roof and on the ground, waiting for the unthinkable to happen.

The people on the ground was alert and were ready to catch the girl, in case, she jumps.

But, on the roof no one seems to be making any decision except the courageous man who risked his life to save the girl.

When the man is tightly gripping on the girl hanging from the roof and a bunch of other people rushed to help, pulling the girl up to safety.

The reason for her attempting suicide is still unaware.

Watch the video here: