Proud moment: UNICEF appoints Hima Das as India’s first youth ambassador

United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF)- India has recruited India supreme sports sensation runner and Asian Games gold medalist Hima Das as the country’s first youth ambassador.

Hima Das expressed her delight after being appointed as the Ambassador. She said that she’s honoured to be picked as Unicef India’s Youth Ambassador. She hopes to inspire more children to follow their dreams.

Hima Das wins sixth gold medal for India in just 21 days. Credits: Twitter

UNICEF announced the news on their official Twitter handle. “Meet our Youth Ambassador, Hima Das! The Asian Games medallist is @UNICEF India’s first-ever youth ambassador as part of #WorldChildrensDay celebration. #GoBlue,” UNICEF tweeted.

“I’m honoured to be chosen as Unicef India’s Youth Ambassador, and I hope I will be able to inspire more children to follow their dreams,” Hima Das responded.

“Young people are effective champions for the issues which impact them most. Hima is a young athlete, and she can inspire millions of young people to realise their dreams and aspirations. By appointing her as our first-ever Youth Ambassador, we aim to leverage her potential in galvanising children and adolescents to bring about positive change,” said Laura Siegrist Fouche, a representative of UNICEF India.

“My role model was Sachin Tendulkar as a kid. I feel very proud that I have been able to follow his footsteps and become a UNICEF ambassador like him. I want for every child, regardless of their background, gender, caste etc. to be able to access schools that are safe and supportive so that they can learn and thrive,” PTI quoted Hima as saying.

Das faced a lot of difficulties in life at an early stage. She had to work really hard to showcase exuberance. After giving all efforts, she reaped rewards and came through with flying colours.

From Assam’s rice fields to becoming India’s first world gold medallist on the track, she is now an inspiration to countless Indians. Recently, Hima Das has won six back-to-back gold medals for India in 21 days itself. This sums up the essential Hima Das for you!