TikTok video: Gujarat policewoman dances in police station, suspended with immediate effect

TikTok has been one heck of an addictive app of late across the world. It has been learnt that out of half a billion users, at least 119 million are known to be Indian and those are all kids and teenagers (majority wise)

TikTok is an app that allows you to share short clips and the idea is to use dance or lip sync to ‘background music or movie dialogues’ to create the most viral clip. Recently, the app faced a massive backlash for exposing younger ones to “inappropriate” content.

Though it has massive growth in India, it has come largely under fire for promoting misleading content.

In a shocking incident that has gone viral on social media, a woman constable has been suspended with immediate effect for shooting TikTok videos inside a police station in Mehsana district of Gujarat on Wednesday.

The matter was brought to light on Wednesday when several videos of Lok Raksha Dal (LRD) recruit woman constable Arpita Chaudhary started doing the rounds on social media.

Currently, Chaudhary is posted in Langhanaj police station in Mehsana district. She has an account on TikTok where she regularly posts short 10 second clips from her police station.

In one of the clips in the networking app, Chaudhary could be seen dancing to a Bollywood song in police station premises, as a lockup could also be seen in the background. In another clip, Chaudhary could be seen, appearing to talk to netizens as police staff, while a song plays in the background.

“A video on TikTok was brought to our notice where one of the woman constables was seen dancing inside a police station. By the video, it was apparent that she was violating two rules, one of not wearing uniform inside a police station and the second of her using a cellphone on duty. She has been suspended and an inquiry has been initiated against her,” said Nilesh Jajadia, superintendent of police, Mehsana.

Here’s the video: