To fight water crisis, Only ‘half-filled’ glasses of water to be served at UP Govt offices

People across the country are going through a severe water crisis. In an attempt to combat this problem, individuals and government are chipping in with plans and measures to save water and to minimise waste.

However, in a very unique move to conserve water, Uttar Pradesh government passed on a diktat to put half-filled glasses of water in the state Secretariat at capital Lucknow.

Chief Secretary Pradip Dubey added that the Assembly speaker directed to put only half-filled glasses of water so that people do not waste water, as reported by news agency ANI.

“It has been directed by the Assembly Speaker that initially only half-filled glasses of water will be kept in the state secretariat. It is often seen that people do not drink the entire water from the glass,” the order reads.

The order also goes on to read that more water will be given when an individual needs it.

In the first edition of Mann Ki Baat, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had urged netizens to start a mass movement to conserve water for the future.

In a bid to save water, PM Modi said people should switch to traditional methods which were used by our ancestors to save water.

In several parts of India, steps have been taken to save water.

In New Delhi, which is set to run out of groundwater by the year 2020, CM Arvind Kejriwal said the government will follow a water treatment model inspired by Singapore, under which water from Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) treated to high-quality level will be taken to Palla and then will be released in Yamuna channel.

“Water will then flow and travel up to Wazirabad. In the process of travel, water will further purify in a natural manner. Then it will be lifted at Wazirabad and treated further at Wazirabad WTP.

“After final treatment at Wazirabad, the water will be supplied to households as potable water. These are the datelines for phase-wise roll-out of the water treatment process,” the government said in a statement.

As of now, there is 900 MGD (Million Gallon Daily) water available in Delhi, while there is a serious demand for 1,100 MGD of water.

According to the latest economic survey of Delhi, water level at some places in South Delhi and Southwest Delhi has decreased by 20 to 30 metres below the ground level.