Teenage Girl survives most brutal road accident, truck crushes Scooty and runs over her

Life is unpredictable. In a world where accidents occur time and time again, it teaches us to be careful outdoors. It takes little less than a second for those less unfortunate ones to draw their last breath at the time of an accident.

Sometimes, miracles do happen and here is one incident which will take everyone by shock. A teenage girl survived the most brutal road accident in China as truck almost crushed her after crushing two-wheeler with brute force.

The video is now doing the rounds on the internet after an unidentified lady filmed the incident on her mobile phone. It all happened during the jam-packed road at a traffic signal.

When all vehicles started to leave, the girl accelerated her vehicle but the truck which was behind her didn’t even care about her and rammed the vehicle and went ahead. Thank god that she is alive now.

Watch the video to get full clarity on the incident: