6yr old Lucknow Kid brings glory to India, makes 7 International and 15 National records

It won’t be long before Devaagyh Dixit will be one of the most popular and well recognised names. He is currently  making significant inroads through his outstanding talent spread across various fields and has garnered global attention. At a tender age of six, where most kids are struggling to get well-versed with alphabets and numerics, Devaagyh has been busy breaking many national and world records. Born on 14th May, 2013, Devaagyh will soon receive Grand Masters GM title from World Records University. 

Having started his drumming practice at the age of two, Devaagyh performed for the first time in public at the age of three. He can play five different instruments and managed to record 30 beats per second while drumming, which was very close to breaking the world record, which is 36 beats per second. However, the person who registered the world record is much older in age. He also has records in solving various chess riddles and is blessed with a very sharp mind. 

Rashi Dixit, a very proud mother of the young sensation, shared the story of her son’s outrageous accomplishments with The Youth. He registered his first national record when he was 22 months old, which was a memory-based record. His journey of becoming a significant part of the record books began there and has been doing a prolific job ever since. 

2019 has been a very big year for the young man who recited a poem in front of over 2,000 people urging them to vote in the elections. He has been felicitated for his incredible talent in various cities like Delhi, Shiridi and others. He also tried to break 8 world records on a single day this year on 15th March. He also received first prize from the hands of actress Dia Mirza in the Kids Talent Hunt Program which was organised by the Birla Open Mind School. 

Following are some of the records he has registered in the Indian Book of Records in various memory-based contests.

  • Identify the maximum traffic flow in the minimum time.
  • identifying maximum world heritage in the minimum time.
  •  Identifying maximum cars with their rear view in one minute.
  • Identifying most of the emoji in a minute.
  • Identifying all parts of Royal Enfield in one minute.
  • Remembering French counting from 1 to 100 in less than a minute.
  • Identifying all the Nobel Prize winners in a minute.
  • The title of India’s youngest and fastest drummer

He recently performed four different instruments in front of Uttar Pradesh’s Deputy Chief Minister a d Baba Ramdev in the Uttar Pradesh Mahotsav. His performance received a rupturing reception and was requested to perform again. He also performed in the inauguration of the Youth Kumbh this January. He has performed on more than 120 stages in his short little career and is rearing to increase the count. 

Besides these, the youngster has also excelled in various sporting activities like Skating, Chess and Lawn Tennis. The 6-year-old till date has 7 World records and 15 national records spanning across various fields and is announcing his emergence on the global platform with his actions. 

The Youth has always relished covering the stories of youngsters who are on the verge of achieving greatness and we see tremendous potential in this young lad, who quite certainly will make his parents and the country proud with his performances in various fields.