Md Shami was rested against Sri Lanka because BJP hates Muslim cricketers: Pak Media

Be it politics or sports, the bitter rivalry between India and Pakistan has never been in doubt. Well, expectations are quite high and the rivalry reaches a whole new level especially in the ICC World Cup.

Meanwhile, a Pakistani cricket analyst launched a scathing attack on BJP for restricting the career of a Muslim player.

Credits: TOI

The player in question is none other than India’s premium fast bowler Mohammad Shami. The latter secured 14 wickets in the competition and that too in four matches. He is also the second highest wicket-taker for the Indian team in the tournament and has also claimed a hat-trick against Afghanistan.

Shockingly, he was rested from India’s match against Sri Lanka, considering the fact that India had already qualified for the semi-finals.

However, another Pakistani analyst said that India rested Shami for Sri Lanka match on the ruling party BJP’s order as they don’t Muslim to break records in World Cup.

One of the analysts could be heard openly saying, “I can’t understand. They seem to be under pressure to make Shami rest since they brought him here but don’t want him to play. I think it is the BJP agenda. That do not let Muslims play. I wouldn’t be surprised. This is the thing in ‘Breaking India’.”

“India rested Shami yesterday against Sri Lanka on Modi’s order as he doesn’t want Muslims to play for the team and break records – Pakistan’s cricket analysts,” Navneet Mundra added.