Pakistani anchor confuses Apple company with fruit on TV, gets brutally trolled

In an amusing incident which took everyone by a surprise, Pakistani news anchor on Thursday, during a very important discussion which went live on air had literally confused the technology behemoth Apple Inc to the fruit ‘apple’.

The panellist on the show was comparing the financial position of the tech company with Pakistan’s economic position.

“Apple’s business is so much more than even Pakistan’s budget,” the panelist said.

To that, the anchor replied by saying, “Yes, I have heard that apple’s (fruit) business has been thriving lately and there are various varities of it.”

The anchor has been since then brutally trolled on social media platforms for not understanding the actual context of the discussion.

A Pakistani journalist posted the video of the news bulletin on social media platform Twitter on July 4 and it spread like wildfire. The panellist responded to the anchor’s oblivious statement by saying, “I am talking about the Apple company, not the fruit.”

Twitter users quickly reacted to the video, with one user calling it ‘news channels or comedy show. Another user said, “that is why people say an apple a day keeps the doctor away but they don’t say psychiatrist away”.

While one guy took digs at Pakistan’s media hygiene by saying ‘Level of Journalism in Pakistan!!’, another user added “Poor anchor still thinking about grocery after the show”, as per a report by news agency ANI.

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