We can shop using ‘Indian Rupee’ at Dubai International Airport Duty Free Shops

Indian travellers always faced difficulties in converting their currency to dollars while travelling abroad. But now, they don’t have to stress about converting rupees to dollars for shopping across Dubai Duty free shops. Yes, you read it right! Let’s pack some stuff and travel to Dubai for shopping!

As reported by Khaleej Times, Dubai Duty Free started accepting Indian currency on July 1 onwards and the rupee will be accepted in all point of sales (POS) of Dubai Duty Free in Terminal 3, Terminal 1, Terminal 2 of Dubai International Airport including Al Maktoum International Airport.

As per Gulf News, Indian currency with the denominations of 100, 200, 500 (only the new one as the previous one is out of circulation) and 2000 will be accepted at the outlets.

However, the Indians will have to keep in mind that if you pay with Indian rupees to the outlets, the change will be in UAE dirham only. It should be noted that the Indian Rupee is the 16th foreign currency to be accepted at Dubai Duty Free since its inception in December 1983.

The decisive move now comes as a great assistance for Indians both traveling from or traveling through Dubai International Airport regularly.

If reports are to be believed, nearly 90 million passengers passed through Dubai airports in 2018 and out of which 12.2 million were believed to be Indians. Most of them came from the Indian cities like Mumbai, Delhi, and Cochin.

As per estimates, there are like 2.8 million Indians living and working in the UAE.

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