Kalpesh Patel- Fatherless boy with Polio built a business empire with Rs 10 crore turnover

Kalpesh Patel’s story is one that needs to be told. He was only five months old when he lost one of his legs to deadly polio because of which, he was bedridden for several months.

Slowly, Kalpesh started experiencing some discomfort in his body as a deadly virus spread into his body. By the time, Kalpesh had fully recovered from the prolonged fever, he had lost one of his limbs.

Credits: Yourstory

The Surat boy wanted to cross all the hurdles in order to achieve something of his life. Due to his family’s financial situation, Kalpesh couldn’t continue his studies beyond Class XI. He might have quit studies but his appetite for learning never stopped in life.

Besides all this, he supported his father through and through in the small diamond trading family business and it was when he started learning the tricks of the trade.

A terrible disaster struck the family when Kalpesh’s father drew his last breath when the boy was just 18 years old. Being the eldest among his siblings, he took the responsibility on his shoulders and became the sole breadwinner of the family.

Since money was the first priority at that time, he could only think of doing business and he had ended his dreams of pursuing a higher education.

Kalpesh made up his mind to take over his dad’s business. Initially, he struggled a bit but he didn’t give up. He started so some market research and then gradually ventured into trading diamonds.

He grew from strength to strength and his confidence to do business also increased. His clients also grew over time, as he got deals with several big jewellery companies from across India.

Today, Kalpesh has written a new success story for himself in his chapter for his tremendous success of his company which has an annual turnover of Rs 10 crore. What really is astonishing is the fact that he was able to accomplish this glorious feat with a team of just two people.