This is world’s richest Temple located in Kerala, its wealth is 10 times total Bhutan’s economy

Temples in India hold a strong history and talking about Padmanabhaswamy Temple, in particular, there are lots of interesting things to know.

Located in Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of the state of Kerala in India, Padmanabhaswamy Temple is the wealthiest temple in the world with over $20 billion worth of treasure.


The name Thiruvananthapuram literally means ‘the city of Lord Ananta’ is a sign of the temple’s deep link with the city. In fact, the temple is a mix of Keralite and Tamil temple architecture.

The foundation of the present gopuram of the temple was first laid in the year 1566 CE despite the fact that the temple history predates many centuries.

Yes, the temple has approximately $20 Billion worth of gold and valuable stones kept in six onsite vaults and many South Indians know that one of the vaults is still unopened with so many secrets kept inside.

Even the state government had once decided to open the vault but later it denied it.

The temple is well known for Maha Vishnu, the god who is believed to be one of the most powerful divinities of Hinduism.