Former Miss India Universe shares horror story of getting harassed and being chased in Kolkata

For Former Miss India Universe, yesterday faced a terrible experience and it was no less than a nightmare. Ushoshi Sengupta, the winner of Miss India Universe pageant in 2010, was assaulted on Monday night while returning from a five-star hotel in Kolkata in an Uber cab.

“Seven persons — Sheik Rahit, Fardin Khan, Sk. Sabir Ali, Sk. Gani, Sk. Imran Ali, Sk. Wasim and Atif Khan — have been arrested on Tuesday for allegedly harassing the complainant, assaulting an Uber driver and vandalising the cab. A detailed inquiry is going on into the case,” Joint Commissioner of Kolkata Police, Crime, Praveen Tripathi said.

Credits: SW

After the attack, the model-turned-actress explained the entire incident on social media where she claimed that the gang of miscreants attempted to pull her out when she was dropping her colleague.

“Last night 17th June 2019 at around 11:40 pm, I took an uber from JW Marriott Kolkata. I was accompanied by my colleague. We were taking a left turn from the Exide crossing towards Elgin while few boys in a bike (without helmet) came and hit the Uber.

To which they stopped the bike and started yelling at the driver. In a fraction of second, there were 15 boys and they all started banging the car window and dragging the driver out. They dragged the driver and started beating him up. This is when I stepped out and started shouting taking a video of the incident,” Sengupta wrote in a Facebook post which has gone viral.

“The boys followed us till my colleague’s house and right when we were dropping him near lake gardens govt housing, 6 of the boys in 3 bikes came and stopped my car, threw stones, broke the car. Dragged me out and tried to break my phone to delete the video. My colleague jumped out out of fear and I was completely shaken. I came out started shouting by now the locals had come out,” she said.

In her long post, Sengupta went on question how 15 boys were permitted to travel on bikes without helmet and also added that such kind of incidents can happen to anybody.

7 persons were detained on Tuesday for allegedly assaulting former Miss India Universe Ushoshi Sengupta and vandalizing the cab she was traveling in, a senior Kolkata Police officer said.

“We have taken this incident very seriously and seven persons have been arrested so far,” the Kolkata Police said in a tweet on Tuesday night. “On the order of the Commissioner of Police, Kolkata, an inquiry regarding the non-registration of FIR has been initiated into this incident, at a very senior level.” The arrests were made on the basis of videos that Sengupta provided as well as CCTV footage, PTI reported.