Watch: Students celebrating ‘Bus Day’ in Chennai fall on road after driver applies brakes

Too much of anything is good for nothing and when there are over 50 plus youths standing on top of a moving bus, it is even bad.

The video which you see below spread like wildfire on social media platform and it first started trending on Twitter. It is from the Chennai bus day celebration.

Bus Day is annually celebrated by the Chennai students in a bid to honour the buses that students use as a medium of transportation from home to university and back.

Watch the video below:

The noisy crowd during celebration time ends up causing a ruckus, which is no good by any means as it leads to traffic jams and which might as well damage the public property.

The tradition was totally banned in the year 2011 by the Madras High Court considering the problems that have been created for passengers and the damage it caused.

But the ban literally had no effect and students celebrated it even at the cost of their lives.

As you can see in the video, the students making noise are standing on top of the moving bus, when the driver applies the brakes to avoid an accident with a bike.

Over 25 students just fell from the moving bus, injuring even the men who were riding a bike in front.

However, police detained and then arrested 24 students who were involved in this incident.

Police in Ayanavram have detained 13, majority of the senior students from Ambedkar Arts and Science College and Pachaiyappa’s College.

Royapettah Police caught some of the New College students for disturbing traffic by making the bus driver move a tad slow so that they could stand on the roof of the bus. But these students were escaped with a warning.