42 female dancers were sexually molested during Eid Celebration in Assam

Let’s pray we all can unconditionally wish good upon our society. Let’s also pray that each one of us thinks good for our fellow neighbours, no matter what religions they follow, what languages they speak and what genders we are. But sadly, it has now only become wishful thinking.

We easily hurt others for our narrow interest. Well, we people from the Northeast felt a chill shiver running down our spines on hearing how the auspicious celebration of Eid turned into a nightmare in Assam. A troupe of the female dancers, who was called for the performance to mark the holy celebration was asked to dance by stripping the clothes. The rowdy mob of over 700 males at a village in Chaygaon forced the females to do what they want and they were assaulted sexually. The mob threatened to attack the dancers with daggers if they refuge.

Look at how people dared ask all girls to shed their modesty for fun. Are women the objects of sex? The youths were insistent that they had come from far off place for the program allegedly on “special” assurances by the organizer.

What could have been the ordeal those tribal girls must have experienced when surrounded by hundreds of lecherous males? However, six men have been arrested after the troupe manager filed an FIR at Chaygaon police station. More arrests are being made by the police as the Government has assured to take the stern action against those involved.

Yes, in the past two weeks we have witnessed a steep rise in sexual attacks which also include a number of instances of child rapes, as small as 6 months. The case of Twinkle Sharma of Alwar has shown how sadistic one can become. Again, nothing could be despicable than the sexual atrocities within the blood relations. Such cases of incest are too frequently reported these days. How badly one wishes that they had not been reported in the media because they only embolden and encourage the depraved lots.

Of course, all above sexual violence and exploitation are of various kind. But what is common in them is the males are driven by beastly sexual urges. Frankly speaking, if every bit of the incident happened due to the specific reasons and the causes, then why not we pinpoint those causes. Have the rampant sexual abuses not turn this earth into a real hell for a major chunk of women population? There are a number of countries where women are inhumanly exploited for sex only.

Well, our mere saying “sick minded rapists”, or arresting and hanging the perverts will not at all solve the problem permanently.  We all have to adopt, with all sensibility and sincerity, the comprehensive measures that will be helpful to keep the society in a good stead.    

Let me beg for your considerate attention here. When an epidemic “dengue” strikes our town, what do we do? Do we not clean our surrounding? This is what the medical doctors suggest first.

Apart from vaccinating the sick person, we immediately take all prescribed preventive measures. We extremely exercise caution as to their food intake.  We install screens not to let a single mosquito in and stop leaving the stagnant water in the open such that it never becomes a breeding hotbed and so on and so forth.

Exactly, in the same manner, let’s honestly ask ourselves if we have really been doing anything to prevent the evil of  “porny-dengue” and the like entering into our society, more precisely, into the mindset of our tender kids and the general masses? Who knows yesterday’s good boy has become pervert today?

Has the Government initiated anything that will help prevent us from the sharp stings of “porn-bugs” which might have injected many with the carnal virus? Have we ever put pressure upon the “entertainment houses” not to immorally sexualize and objectify the womanhood? What is uncomfortably awkward here is that hardly any women organizations in India have protested to ban the “evil of pornography”. Why are they silent against this dreadfully filthy underworld where females are inhumanely humiliated and heartlessly hurt?

Yes, apart from the rigorous punishment to the sex perverts, better hanging, the government should consider to initiate the movement to detox the mindset of the masses. “Healthy attitude and healthy acts for healthy and decent society” should be the prime slogan. No sexual predator should strangulate the sacred womanhood and take the society hostage.

Salil Gewali
A Shillong-based writer and researcher, Salil Gewali is best known for his research-based work of twenty-four years entitled "Great Minds on India" which has already earned worldwide appreciation. Translated into twelve languages and dedicated to the NATION, his "Great Minds on India" has been prefaced by a world-acclaimed NASA Chief scientist – Dr. Kamlesh Lulla of Houston, and edited by another former NASA scientist Prof. A.V. Murali, Texas, USA. "Great Minds on India" can be previewed at: http://www.slideshare.net/sgewali2000/what-is-india-current-b-1615487 ** Also available on AMAZON