Daughter of Indore sewage worker stuns everyone, she earns ₹1 crore scholarship for her PhD

In a competitive world, every aspiring mind has a different story to tell and behind every aspirant’s success, there is an interesting backstory which we are unheard of and Rohini Ghavri’s story is well and truly inspiring.

Well, several cases of crimes against women emerge in the nation on a daily basis. And for many, daughters are not meant to acquire education in school or college.


They are supposed to remain within four walls of home as parents think girls are not talented as boys. All that many want from a girl is to assist other members of family in household chores. Nevertheless, the following story will leave you in shock.

Daughter of a sewage worker in Indore (Madhya Pradesh) earned a massive scholarship of 1 crore rupees. Her parents pawned gold to fund her education.

Rohini Ghavri did her Master of Business Administration (MBA) and expressed her eagerness to earn a PhD from abroad.

People of the locality would tease Rohini’s father about his daughter Not being married. They said that she had got older and if she doesn’t get married, no one will marry ever

No doubt the determination of sewage workers in Indore is higher than the sky. They made Indore India’s cleanest city by working round the clock. And here’s one more story to push us to applaud the community.

You don’t need a magic wand to become successful in life. All that you require is the willingness to succeed, the will to do things, the ability to move on and the perseverance to try even when there are failures. If you have all these abilities, you can succeed in life.

Written by Sagar Abhinandan

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