Watch: Monkey leaps out of car and steals ₹5,000 from Kanpur Toll Plaza and runs away

Monkeys are one of our closest cousins and in fact, they are intelligent creatures. They understand human’s feelings very well. On the contrary, they can be disturbing too.

In what seems to be a first-of-its-kind case, ‘monkey thief’ leapt out of a vehicle at a toll booth and then stole cash before fleeing the spot immediately. This is one of the cheekiest robberies at toll plazas you’ll ever see. A monkey has nothing to do with money and maybe it was trained to do this act.

A CCTV footage depicts a man in a white vehicle stops at Bara toll plaza under Akbarpur Kotwali in Kanpur’s Dehat area and just as when he pulls the car window down, the monkey suddenly leaps out and steals the cash before running away.

Watch the video below:

The footage also depicts the toll booth operator who is shocked to see the monkey sneaking into the booth with an intention to steal money. Even before he could do anything to react to the situation, monkey just grabbed all the money and escapes.

It is said that the monkey stole Rs 5,000 cash from the toll plaza and now the workers are frightened to go to work. Kanpur Police has launched an investigation regarding this and has a great challenge ahead in catching the robber.

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