19-yr-old daughter saves dad’s life by donating 65% of her Liver

Daughters are equally brave and supportive. Recently, 19-year-old girl, hailing from Kolkata set an example of sacrifice by donating 65% of her liver to her father without even caring about herself. She donated just because she loves her father to the core. This is enough to say ‘Daughters are priceless’.

Rakhi Dutta’s father had been diagnosed with a serious liver problem and was in a critical situation battling for life. Here came the 19-year-old daughter who had taken all efforts to get her father treated in the best way.


Nonetheless, many doctors tried treating her father and failed and then Rakhi and her sister took their father to AIG hospital. It was when Rakhi made a brave decision in life and not many people would take. Rakhi made up her mind to donate 65% of her liver to her father as a ‘liver transplant’.

For sure, this was a selfless move by Rakhi. This ultimate sacrifice by her is now being praised on social media and her post went viral on social media.

Entrepreneur Harsh Goenka also the inspiring story of Rakhi Dutta on social media saying, “Rakhi Dutta, a 19 year donated 65% of her liver to her father who was suffering from a serious liver ailment, without even thinking of the scars, pain or any future threat. A daughter’s love for her father is always very special.”

The post which spread like wildfire and people started showering praises on the girl’s bold decision.

One Twitter user wrote, “Daughters are priceless. I am reminded of this thing every time I come home from the office my 1year old is so excited to see me back!”