Story of Allahabad lawyer who has earned a tag of “Real Life Bajrangi Bhaijaan”

There have been appalling crimes across the nation against humanity and the fact that we see it time and again makes us think that humanity is lost in the first place. But as long as good people exist, humanity is still alive somewhere at least in the small circle. A person like Abhishek is one of the very few people in today’s world who maintains the balance between economic growth and the welfare of society, as well as, the environment.

He is a professional advocate by trait in Allahabad High Court and is an Ex Joint Secretary at Allahabad High Court Bar Association, President Lok Unnati Samiti, State law officer in Government of U.P at Allahabad High Court. When people come calling him for help, he listens to their problems and helps those who require immediate attention.

One day, Abhishek happened to stumble upon an unknown woman who was robbed on her train travel in the city of Allahabad. Understanding the woman’s difficulties, Abhishek lodged a complaint after which, he made arrangements so much so that she would reach her home safely in Kolkata. Without even caring about his time, money, Abhishek took time to notify her family members that their daughter would arrive home soon. Abhishek had other professional works but all it mattered for him was to send the woman home.

The woman and their parents are grateful for Abhishek’s work and they will forever be indebted to his services who did everything beyond human imagination to help the woman reach home. What began as a humanitarian act turned into a passion for Abhishek who has helped hundreds of people in need till date. He hasn’t even charged a single rupee from the less unfortunate ones.

The lawyer also initiated an NGO “Lok Unnati Samiti” to serve for the betterment of society. It’s indeed true to the fact that one act of kindness never gets ignored. Abhishek and his works have been rightly recognised and have been conferred with accolades like Marvellous Personality of India, Uttar Pradesh Police Award, Sanjogta Mahajan Memorial Award, Bal Choupla Changemakers award, INext Personality, Humanity Achievers and Great Achievers Award.

There is absolutely nothing in this world that can stop Abhishek from helping the ones who are in need. For him, it’s not about being a Hindu, Muslim or Christian but it’s about being a human first. His mantra bank released in 2016 has got positive feedback from the people who said that they were able to get rid of distress after reading the book.

It can be of any help, whether it is physical, mental, emotional or financial assistance, Abhishek has got your back. He offers free education to the children from the economically backward sections of the society and he distributes food, clothes and blankets in the winter season, he does everything to make sure that people are comfortable.

During one of ‘mouni Amavasya’ he fed around 3000 people’s stomachs. His “Pathshala” (School) tries to uplift children who are naturally gifted with singing and dancing to reality and television shows.

Abhishek has also launched a helpline number 9839669666 in 2015 on Rakhi day in an attempt to help women in distress, those who suffer domestic violence, physical and abuse. It provides legal help and guidance to women for who do not want to share their personal life into court.

Till now, more than 1000 calls have been attended and the majority of them have been offered much-needed assistance related to solving cases, personal guidance. A tagline ‘break the silence, stops the violence’ is the identity and the vision to have violence free India for women earned him many accolades.

In May 2017, Abhishek conducted an event on ‘women empowerment’ to generate awareness in the society for the cause of women freedom.

Abhishek now plans for an All India Progressive People Summit where he would be inviting the higher officials of the democracy and thereby sharing great thoughts and ideas on how India should be by the end of 2019.