Thief returns the money he stole from woman after seeing her account balance

In a hilarious turn of events, a thief returned the money he stole from his a woman after checking her bank balance at an ATM. This incident took place in China where the accused returned the money to the victim after he learnt that her bank balance was “very low”.

Based on the CCTV footage from inside the ICBC bank, a woman surnamed Li was trying to withdraw money from ATM but little did she know that a man would interrupt the scene and threaten her with a sharp instrument, demanding money.

In order to save herself, she had no other option but to hand over the 2,500 yuan to the man and he then demanded to see her bank balance.

However, after seeing her balance, he realised that she had no money left in the account.

So, he handed the money back to her and flee the spot. However, the local authorities finally caught and detained him for “armed robbery” case.

Watch the video here: