Modi govt resumes trade with Pakistan again, Workers start exchanging goods at Indo-Pak Border

Trade across the border also known as Line of Control, was part-suspended after constant firing at Uri, a border town where “exchange of goods” takes place genuinely.

But on Tuesday the main route re-opened after calmness restored said Riyaz Ahmad Malik who is an official in the Indian-controlled part of Kashmir. Over 35 trucks left for Chakothi on the Pakistani side of the border with same number returning to India, he added.

Credits: India Today via PTI Photo

Trade across the Line Of Control operates on a barter system, where no money is exchanged. “This trade is heavily dependent on the trust factor,” said Pawan Anand, president of a local trading association in Srinagar.

“We neither meet traders of Pakistan nor can check the quality of the imported goods until they reach us.” Ashfaq Ahmad who is a trader in Srinagar (capital of Indian-administered Kashmir) said, adding that he quotes prices on WhatsApp messenger with his Pakistani counterpart.

“I send cumin and chilli seeds to Pakistan and in return order prayer mats and cloth,” he said. “If there is any difference, it is adjusted in the next consignment. It is all trust-based trade but it is working.”

It is to be noted that Indian traders export items like bananas, cumin, cloth, chilli pepper, cardamom, pomegranate, grapes and almonds while Prayer mats, carpets, cloth, oranges, mangos and herbs come from the other side (Pakistan).

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