PM Modi donates ₹21 lakhs from his personal savings to the Sanitation workers

Prime Minister Narendra Modi donated a whopping Rs 21 lakh from his personal savings to the “corpus fund for the welfare of sanitation workers” of Kumbh Mela, as reported by news agency ANI.

Earlier, PM Modi took a holy dip in the river Ganges during the religious gathering- Kumbh Mela in Uttar Pradesh’s Prayagraj. He then offered his prayers at the Sangam, which is the holy joining of the Ganges, Yamuna and Saraswati. After taking a holy dip, PM Modi stumbled upon some sanitation workers in that location.


He honoured sanitation workers at the Swachh Kumbh Swachh Aabhaar event, organised by the Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation. Post that, the Prime Minister was also seen washing the feet of a group of sanitation workers as a token of respect.

“They have been waking up early and sleeping late to ensure cleanliness of Mela area. They do not want any praise, but are doing their job without any fuss”, the Prime Minister had remarked in his address.

Not just this donation but there have been various charitable donations made by Prime Minister Modi in the past. Very recently, he had auctioned mementoes received during his contract at the centre. The total amount of Rs 3.40 crore collected was given to the Namami Gange program.

PM Modi recently received the Seoul Peace Prize of around Rs 1.30 crore. He donated the entire Prize Money for the program to rejuvenate Ganga. He had also auctioned the gifts he received till 2015, which raised around Rs 8.33 crore and this amount too was donated to the Namami Gange program.

Upon completion of his tenure as Gujarat Chief Minister, Modi donated Rs 21 lakh from his personal savings for educating Gujarat government staffs’ daughters.

Modi had also raised Rs 89.96 crore by auctioning all gifts he received as CM and donated this to the Kanya Kelavani Fund. The money was spent on a good cause i.e. for girls’ education purpose.

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