Caught on Cam: Chennai students perform dangerous stunts on Train, Video goes Viral

People performing dangerous stunts on local trains is not a new story in our country. A video is being circulated on social media in which some Chennai students of ITI are seen travelling on a local train in Avadi. They can be seen performing stunts without even caring about their lives. In fact, they do it to draw attention to them.

However, they are not seeing the adverse effects of what daredevil stunts that too on the local train can do to people. We have seen people getting banged by the posts suffering major injuries while doing this stunt and sometimes people have even lost their lives.

From parents to teachers across India have already been warning people not to perform such stunts. But still, there is no stopping them as they go about their business.

Other commuters who watched this incident, recorded the act on their mobiles and uploaded the video footage on social media. This is a video just now uploaded in social media. Take action against those idiots After watching the video, the police have learnt that the students are from the Ambattur ITI. However, the identity of the students is still not known.

“This is the video just now uploaded on social media. Take action against those idiots,” wrote the onlooker who caught the video and uploaded it on Twitter platform.

As per the Times Now report, these dangerous incidents have been reported from Pattravakkam and Ambattur areas and the cops have been identifying such wrongdoers based on CCTV footage and warning the students.

Hailing from Chennai, Chaithanya G is the Managing Director of TheYouth. He has dedicated his whole life to reading and writing.