Good initiative: Gujarat University bans Petrol & Diesel vehicles in Campus

Gujarat government is taking every possible step to guide the students in the right direction. Some days ago, they issued circulars mentioning all primary schools should ban the most popular mobile game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds called PUBG because it was affecting their studies.

Now to ensure the students stay fit and healthy, a private university in Gujarat has taken measures to ban petrol and diesel vehicles inside the college campus. That’s indeed a great initiative. The college administration has made it mandatory that they introduced the bicycle as the only ‘means of transport’.

According to ANI, Parul university in Gujarat has taken this initiative to make sure that its teachers and students remain fit and healthy. The private institution has introduced 100 bicycles with four bicycle stands all across the campus.

It has been learnt that the students can also rent the cycles as per their convenience by paying a minimal amount. The students, teachers including administrative members will have to walk in the campus/ till the destination arrives

The university with 120 acres of land has now deployed Hexi bikes to reach their respective locations. This decision comes in the wake of teachers and students’ complaint that it is consuming a lot of time to reach the destination.

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