Check out the List of Top 10 Highest Paid CEO’s in the World

CEO (Chief Executive Officer) is the highest-ranking executive in a company or organisation. They play a substantial role in running the business and they are paid handsomely for their stature. Their primary role is to make major corporate decisions, managing the whole operations as well as the resources of a company.

Let’s take a look at the highest paid CEO’s in the world.

Tim Cook

Tim Cook stands on top of the list of richest CEOs in the world. His full name is Timothy Donald Cook. In the beginning, he worked at Apple company as a Vice President of worldwide operation in 1998. Today he is the highest paid CEO and his total worth is $1.3 billion and his salary is $15.7 million.

Sundar Pichai

Everybody knows who Sundar Pichai is! He is the CEO of Google. He has done metallurgical engineering from IIT Kharagpur and has done MBA from material science from Wharton school of the University of Pennsylvania and he did M.S from Stanford University. Today, he is a familiar personality in the tech world. His net worth is estimated to be at $1.2 billion. His salary is $199.7 million.

Mario Gabelli

Mario is an American investor, advisor, stock investor and financial analyst. He is the CEO and founder of Gabelli investor management company. Forbes listed his name in the ‘346th position’ as among the rich people of America. He is also one of the highest paid CEO’s and his net worth is $1.1 billion.

Leslie Moonves

Moonves is the chairman of Board, President and CEO of CBS Corporation. He was appointed as Co-President and Co-chief of Viacom and predecessor of CBS. He is also among the highest paid CEOs and his net worth is $700 million. Currently, he is working with ZeniMax Media director since 1999.

Philippe Dauman

He is the former chairman, president and CEO of Viacom. Since 2006, he is plying his trade as a Chairman of Sumner REDSTONE. He is also Director and owns CBS corporations. His net worth is $300 million.

Mitch Garber

Mitch Garber who is a Canadian business executive and philanthropist and chairman of investment Canada possesses active equity co-investor of both Apollo Global management and TPG investor. He is a chairman of TPG Rackspace company and career building. He is a former chairman of Ceasor interactive and NASDAQ. His overall net worth is $300 million.

David M Zaslev

He is currently the president and CEO of discovery inc and a former executive of NBC Universal and he was the one who launched MSNBC and CNBC. His net worth is estimated to be $156 million.

Elon Musk

Musk is the investor and also an engineer. Forbes listed him as the 21st most powerful man in terms of wealth and his net worth is around $20 million. He was a founder and top designer of space X and also a co-founder and CEO of Neuralink.

Satya Nadella

Satya Nadella is a familiar business tycoon. He is an Indian American and business executive and also a CEO of Microsoft. Previously, he was positioned as an Executive Vice President of Microsoft clouds and now he is solely responsible to operate the business, computing plan and developing a tool for the development of the company.

Marc Lore

An entrepreneur and a proud CEO of Walmart e-commerce. He was offered the job of senior-most position by Walmart eCommerce when collaborated with Walmart eCommerce. He is also a co-founder of parent company and His overall net worth is $3 million.

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