Woman’s leg got stuck in train’s toilet hole, paramedics rescue her at the right time

In disastrous news, a 40-year-old Chennai woman by the name of Benjanki Bharatma got her leg stuck in the toilet hole while was travelling back home to Vemanapalli in the Charminar Express.

This incident happened on Wednesday when she tried to use the toilet but accidentally her left leg somehow got stuck and pulling back was never that easy as she tried several times but were to no avail.

Credits: Twitter/BCCL

Thanks to the paramedics who came at the right time to help her out when she screamed for ‘help’. The rescue took somewhere around 30 minutes and the woman is safe from danger. “We are not sure how her leg got stuck. She was brought out after the toilet seat was cut open,” a senior official told ANI.

What makes this incident a tad lucky for the woman was that the train remained at a standstill at the railway station. The departure of the train was further delayed for about 20 minutes Tuesday evening just to make sure that woman gets relieved from this unfortunate incident.

The paramedics finally removed the commode after carefully cutting the sheet covering it in a 10-minute operation. The woman is alright but was later taken to the Apollo Emergency Care Centre.

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