Dog bites rapist and takes a stab, saves woman from molester

In a heroic act, a 29-year-old woman was rescued by a stray dog when a man allegedly sneaked into her house and molested her. The incident took place on Sunday afternoon in Chhola area where the accused who was under the influence of alcohol broke into the victim’s house around 3 pm, as reported by TOI.

As per the reports, the stray dog that was lying in a corner of a room wherein the woman was resting when the shocking incident happened. The stray dog by the name of ‘Sheru’ sprung into action and assaulted the accused when he heard the woman’s scream for help when she was being molested.

Credits: The News Nation (Image for representation purpose only)

The dog’s attack shooed the man away but in the process, unfortunately, the dog was stabbed with a knife. The wrongdoer fled the scene after stabbing the dog.

The Chhola Police filed a case against the accused and started investigation process. SHO Chhola Radheyshyam Raigar said the complainant including her husband stay in a residential Colony in Chhola area and that the accused identified as Sunil a resident in the neighbourhood molested her.

“A stray dog lives in the street where her house is located and is fed regularly,” said the SHO.

(With inputs from TOI)