Indians are the most hard-working employees as per a global study

A global study finds that Indians are the hardworking employees in the world. It has been said that 69 per cent full-time Indian employees work five days a week. The survey was done by Kronos Incorporated, an international workforce management company. It also went on to reveal revelations done in the US, Canada, Germany, Mexico, France, Australia and the UK.

India was followed by Mexico where 43 per cent of workers were satisfied with their jobs of five-day working schedule. The other countries were the US at 27%, Australia at 19% and France at 17%.

Credits: Laughing Colours

As far as working for more than 40 hours every week is concerned, the US topped the list with a staggering 49 per cent of the participants working hard over time. They were followed by India (44 per cent), Mexico (40 per cent) and Germany (38 per cent).

According to the residents in India, some people work 6 days a week whereas others work 7 days a week without even taking a leave on Sundays. They are least bothered to take leave as they are fully focussed on slogging over time in a bid to earn more to help the family.

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