College-Going Daughter of Indian Billionaire Hires 12 employees To Care for Her

Indian billionaire’s daughter in Britain has indeed set extremely high standards for herself as she has hired a staff of 12 members to look after her at St Andrew’s University in Scotland. After reading this, even we are amused by it. One or two is more than enough to take care of her, isn’t it?

The student’s identity is not revealed. It has been said that her parents bought her a mansion to live in during her four years at the university. So, she will have her own escort of 12 people accompanying her. The list includes maid, butler, housekeeper, gardener, three footmen, private chef and chauffeur.

Credits: YouTube

As per a report by The Sun, a unique advertisement for the jobs was also posted to recruitment agency Silver Swan which said, ‘The family are very formal so want experienced staff.’ Each person has an individual role to play. The role of the butler will be to supervise the team while the footmen serve meals and lay the table for the fresher.

On a lighter note, she’ll never experience the real college life, the fun, the struggle which normally a college student enjoys and also the joy of having college memories with friends!

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