Video goes viral- Naga saint removes clothes in front of lady journalist, when she asked….

A video is doing rounds on the internet wherein a Naga saint can be seen removing his clothes in front of a lady journalist when she asked a silly question to him. What was the question? What made Naga Saint to suddenly remove his fabric cloth in front of her without any hesitation?

Watch the video below to know about it:-

If you are figuring out who are Naga saints, they are a militant group of Hindus and are well known for protecting Hinduism and India from foreign invaders. It was founded by Shankaracharya, who is a devotee of Lord Shiva.

Naga Sadhus mostly live in Himalayan Caves and they can be seen in masses during the time of Kumbh Mela. They are mostly naked Saints and have long Jata on their heads. We are quite familiar with their faces as they are always covered with the ashes of the burning of dead bodies.

The saints smear the ashes of dead bodies on their whole bodies. Majority of them are the followers of Lord Shiva. It should be noted that they have unique styles of praying and meditating Lord Shiva.

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