Street Singer was ignored by commoners, then 4 small cats came to support him

We are quite familiar with street performers, don’t we? They showcase extraordinary skills to entertain the passersby at the best scene. He may be a singer, dancer or someone who can perform stunts or pull off some unbelievable tricks to surprise the people with thrills and chills.

This time it was street singer’s turn to entertain people. But unfortunately, when going about his business, he couldn’t please the commoners. Yes, he might not have created a massive impact during his live performance but what happened next was indeed cool!

As you can see in the below, a Malaysian singer spent the night singing out loud and playing the guitar at the same time. As nobody gathered the spot to enjoy his show, four 3-month-old kittens sat turned up to the spot and listened to him patiently. This is the best thing which you will ever see on the internet now!

Feast your eyes by watching this video below:-