Once they were Homemakers but now they are successful owners of a food stall

Homemakers play a quintessential role in managing the home with care. They have a lot of responsibilities as they handle everyday tasks. No one can deny the fact that homemaker job is probably the toughest one in the world. The amount of efforts they put in day in day out to take care of the children and other things is not that easy.

Not all women are homemakers. There will always be a significant portion of women who would choose to seek jobs or set up own business for a living like these two ambitious women Nivedita Basu and Debolina Ghosh in Kolkata.

Credits: The Indian Express

Nivedita and Debolina always had an eye for cooking. They were homemakers and all they did was to take care of their children and houses. They could not spend the whole day outside as they always want to be in touch with the family. So, they decided to start their own business and were immediately taken with the idea of running ‘Food Stall’ when they heard of this government scheme. Both decided to invest all their savings in starting a stall. They slowly employed more women and formed a team.

The food stall is located at the five-point crossing in Shyambazar of North Kolkata. It is a part of the ‘Ekushe Annapurna’ franchise, a government scheme that provides low-cost meals to the people. The food stall managed by women team offers meals such as rice, curry, daal, and fish, for just Rs 21. The team makes sure that the food that is served to the people is safe and hygienic.

The purpose of ambition shapes the life of an individual. Without ambition, Nivedita and Debolina wouldn’t have come this far. Their route map of homemaker to become successful entrepreneurs was all possible because of their ambition.

Speaking exclusively with The Indian Express, Nivedita said, “We were housewives. The only job we did was to take care of our house and children. We always wanted to do something on our own. Joining a job and spending 10 hours outside our home was difficult for us because we can’t ignore our family.”

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