“No one can play Modi better than me,” Paresh Rawal pokes fun of Vivek Oberoi

Paresh Rawal is portraying the role of PM Narendra Modi in an upcoming biopic on the Indian Prime Minister. The announcement peeped right after the first poster of Vivek Oberoi-starrer PM Narendra Modi biopic was released. Rawal took a swipe at Oberoi, saying that no one can play the Indian Prime Minister better than the veteran actor.

In a recent interview, Paresh Rawal revealed about contesting with Vivek Oberoi on Narendra Modi’s upcoming biopic. It should be noted that both actors will portray Narendra Modi in two separate biopics.

Though Vivek Oberoi looks a tad similar to that of Prime Minister, Paresh firmly believes that only he can portray Modi’s role with relative ease on screen. Talking about why he admires the PM, the actor has a very interesting message.

Credits: India Today

He said: “When I was nine years old, my mother told me that we would avoid eating rice on Mondays since the then PM Lal Bahadur Shastri – who was allotting ration for the Army men in our war-struck country – had requested the citizens to do so.

The demand was honoured by many because it had been made by an honest man. Similarly, when Modi told citizens to give up their [cooking gas] subsidies, people paid heed, because the request was made by an honest man.”

Paresh echoed that his film will depict how Modi, who stepped into the field with only a little experience, managed a state and then a country. He said, “He’s not an armchair [prime minister], but a passionate countryman who has visited abundant villages [to study problems] firsthand. These factors will be the driving forces of our biopic.”

On being asked what the actor likes the most about the Prime Minister, he said, “I had met him in the PMO, and am fascinated by him. His reading of the political scene and understanding of the neighbourhood is noteworthy. Even Americans are taking his advice.”

(With inputs from India Today)

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