Muslim women protesting for equal rights in Sabarimala have an important message

Lakhs of women linked together to form a 620 km human chain from Thiruvananthapuram to the northern district of Kasaragod on the first day of this year. The longest women’s wall witnessed lakhs of ladies cutting across the caste, creed, religion including social status pledging their full support maintain gender equality according to The Logical Indian.

The Vanitha-Manthil was backed by ruling CPI(M) party including a section of Hindu organisations. This event was organised after the Sabarimala verdict.

Around 3 months after the Supreme Court of India gave its final verdict which allowed women entry into the Sabarimala temple, two women under the age of 50 hit the headlines for entering the temple located in Kerala.

CM Vijayan said, “Today, two women entered Sabarimala temple. We had issued standing orders to police to provide all possible protection to any woman who wants to enter the temple,” reported The Times Of India.

Watch the video below:-

Do you know that there are around 3 Lakh mosques in India? But not a single mosque allows Muslim women to enter and yet these Muslim women want equal rights for Hindu women in Sabarimala temple. When a local journalist asked why they were protesting, they replied: “our husbands haves sent us here”…

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