While Pak news anchor was talking about Ind-Pak border, a ball fire fell on him

In recent news, a short video clip from a Pakistani news channel has been doing the rounds on the social media in which the news anchor was in the receiving end of an unexpected incident during the live TV broadcast.

As you can see in the video, a ball of fire came out of nowhere at the Pakistani news anchor while he was live on the TV broadcast and putting questions to the panellists. However, while he was speaking on the live TV broadcast, a sound can be clearly heard in the middle of his sentence.

Just moments later in the video, a person was seen passing in front the camera and as soon as he disappeared from the frame, a ball of fire came out of nowhere and fell on the news anchor. The anchor immediately stood from his chair only to save himself from the fire as he moves out of the frame.

Nonetheless, while all these shocking incidents happened on the live TV broadcast, one of the panellists can be seen looking down as if nothing happened whereas another panellist can be heard answering to the question of the news anchor.

Watch the video here:

This is not the first time that Pakistan media hit the headlines for a wrong reason. Previously, Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV) put Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan at the receiving end of trolls on social media after which the channel telecasted ‘Begging’ on its location label instead of ‘Beijing’ at the top left corner while the Prime Minister was giving the speech from China’s capital.

Imran Khan was speaking live at the Central Party School of the ruling Communist Party of China, where this mistake by the state-run channel which soon turned into a blunder for social media.

Addressing the humiliating typographical error, PTV News tweeted, “Today, during a live address of the Prime Minister during his ongoing visit to China, a typographical error took place, which remained on screen for 20 seconds & later removed. This incident is regrettable. Strict action has been initiated under rules against concerned officials.”

However, ‘begging’ blunder that stayed for entire 20 seconds before it was sorted out, found its place on social media for time pass as the #begging that became a top trend on Pakistan Twitter.

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